Sunday, 26 February 2017

Data storage

In my previous thread we discussed about , labelling of data’s and privileges to accessing of data in secured way.
Let us look on how the data’s are secured in the stored environment, below are the storage places where datas are stored .

  • Hard-disk
  • External Hard-disk
  • USB Flash drive
  • CD-Drive
  • Memory Card etc
  • Tape drive

CD-Drive/Floppy disk now a days most of the peoples are stopped using this as datas are moving in terabyte sizes now a days, so let us ignore this devices .

Devices like hard,flash drive can be protected by password mechanism, privilege level access to the storage devices are also provided ,like the Administrator can only able to access all area in the hard drive. End users was restricted to access it .

In USB type storage ,users are restricted with passwords . so high security devices can be accessed only through the required credentials.

A common and recommended form of  protecting mechanism is through Encrypting the devices, You can see the encryption software in external hard drive by default , the data will get encrypted with the encryption only it will be decrypted with the same key .we will see deeper into encryption and decryption on my future threats.

How about the recovering of erased data ? yes it can be recovered using a recovering software and lot other technologies .

Data should be permanently deleted as the data should not disclosed to anyone. Below are the some common form of deleting datas

  • Erasing
  • Clearing
  • Purging
  • Declassification
  • Sanitization
  • Degaussing
  • Destruction

Still to go a lot on data security .....

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