Monday, 27 February 2017

Data Secure Communication

In our last two threads I mentioned how data are secured in Production Environment and in data stored state.

What about the data’s while in transaction state, like office in one country and regional office in another country and how the data’s are transferred securely?

Think about voice/video communication all communication is made through IP packets only. Do you think its secured and it cannot have hacked by others?

We need all the data should be secured in either form of communication through data, voice or video mode.

Even accessing remote devices through command prompt or remote desktop are replaced by SSH access.

In corporate network, most secured form of transaction is done through Encrypted VPN connection either client access the network i.e. users is accessing from his own laptop. Or for site to site access.

Organizations often enable remote access solutions such as virtual private networks(VPNs). VPNs allow employees to access the organization’s internal network from them home or while traveling. VPN traffic goes over a public network, such as the Internet, so encryption is important. VPNs use encryption protocols such as TLS and Internet Protocol security (IPsec).

What is VPN?  VPN stands for Virtual private network, connecting to private through a secured tunnel in public Environment (through worldwide internet), which is an unsecured. we need to understand what is tunnel for complete understanding of VPN connectivity.

What is tunneling? it’s a network communication process, it protects the content of the packet by encapsulating with another protocol. Encapsulation and decapsulation will be done by both the end, by using a VPN device. Normally this services will come along with all the firewall devices.

Common VPN protocols are PPTP, L2F, IPSEC VPN technology.

In SSH mode of communication all the data will be encapsulated, old form of remote accessing like telnet has a serious of security issue, which result in accessing Encrypted session like SSH. Putty is the software commonly used for accessing remotely.

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